I Found a Lump...... ....
In my cereal

What happened to the old days when the only lump you had to worry about
finding, was in your hot oatmeal, and NOT in your body!?

When summers were longer and girls were shorter?

In this "new age" of global warming, growth hormones and GA Summits we are
more challenged then ever as a people.

Were summers longer, or did they just feel that way because we were younger? I
believe it is a combination of both.
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Featured Artist: Coro
featured Artist: Coro
Artist, photographer, Sean Turrell
Herwig Kienzl
Herwig Kienzl
Will Potter Photography
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This Weeks Featured Cover Artist:
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Musical Guest Of The Week:
Quality of Life Interventions from the Columbia University
Department of Surgery
The term lung disease refers to a variety of conditions, including pulmonary fibrosis,
mesothelioma, lung cancer, and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). COPD,
a group of conditions including emphysema and chronic bronchitis, is the fourth leading
cause of death in the U.S.

While a person’s lung disease risk may be influenced by heredity, exposures—to
environmental toxins such as cigarette smoke, asbestos, dust, and hazardous
chemicals— play a significant role in many lung conditions. Those at risk from
environmental exposures require screening, and if abnormalities are found, appropriate
follow-up by a specialist. If you think you are at risk, our team recommends an initial
visit with a pulmonologist to determine your risk and what type of screening is
appropriate for you.  From there, your physician can help you take measures to avoid
lung disease or slow its progression.
More of Ellie
Suffolk Designer Lighting
Summer Programs, Grades 3-6, Girls
Main Page
While the Camden Military Academy tradition dates
back to 1892, operations on the current campus began with
the 1958-59 school year.

The Academy combines the traditions of three institutions -
Carlisle Military School, which operated in Bamberg, South
Carolina, from 1892 to 1977; Camden Academy, which
was located on the campus from 1949 to 1957
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This Weeks Pick:The Gallery Bar
Current Exhibition-Imbedded
GalleryBar and Salon Ciel presents "Imbedded"
With this exhibition, Salon Ciel sent a challenge to circles of
emerging artists around town: reinvent your landscape by depicting
and prying loose its static elements. The extraction itself activates;
the re-presenting of fixed ideas changes their meaning, or at least,
reminds us that they are here. With us. Still.
The Black Door
Architect: Douglas Cutler
Starrett-lehigh bulding
The New York Optimist Featured Commercial & Residential properties.
Each week, we will bring you the hottest properties, We know some of you
saved your pennies and are ready to take on the real estate market.
One Hundred Park Ave
Columbia Surgery
Computer Associates European Headquarters
Ditton Park, United Kingdom

The site dates back to 1086 when there was an entry in the Domesday Book, a record of
a survey of English land and landholdings made by order of William the Conqueror.  
Over the centuries, the property has passed down to various royal families.  Computer
Associates International� European Headquarters is a new structure within Ditton Park,
once connected to Windsor Castle via waterway.  All 18th century gardens, courtly
walls, gates and chapel remain on the site untouched.  

The 250,000 square foot European headquarters is a three-story transparent building,
composed of laminated and regular glass.  Within this significant historical site, it was
important that the building
Spector Group
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Woodloch Resorts,class trips/scouts
Woodloch Resorts, dining & entertainment
WoodLoch Resorts
The Hudson Valley is in a state of accelerated renewal. Considering most of this
pristine region is within a few hours of NYC and will work with most any budget, you
will have no excuse but to pamper yourself! Whether you go by Metro North railroad
www.mta.info/mnr), and/or hop on your bike when you arrive, you will find so much
to do so close to home. For a day trip or a weekend getaway, the Hudson Valley is the
place to be!
In today’s stressful times, it is good to know you can get away, if even for the day, to
enjoy the splendor of the seasons.
Spring is my favorite time of year upstate New York. Watching the leaves change,
picking a flower or an apple..
In the “big apple?” Nothing like it!
L'Institut Sothy's
Great Jones Spa
Kiva Retreat
“Four Keys To Happiness”
By:  Nina Mistier

Why do we make life more complicated than it need be?  Keep things simple; say what
you have to say tactfully, do
something that makes you happy today, while fulfilling your responsibilities, don’t take
things so personally and listen to
the voice inside.  These are a few ways to keep
life simple and stay in your happy
Quality of Life Interventions from the Columbia University Department of Surgery
Breast Cancer: Defenses and Interventions
Sheldon Feldman, MD
Chief, Breast Surgery Section
Comprehensive Breast Center
Columbia University Medical Center
In Affiliation with NewYork-Presbyterian
Phone: 212-305-0728
The second leading cause of death in women after lung cancer, breast cancer claimed
the lives of approximately 40,000 women during 2007. Fortunately, effective treatments
are available, and most women who develop breast cancer enjoy a long life.

Lowering risk of developing the disease is a woman’s first line of defense. The steps
our team recommends include:
featured Artist: Coro
Will Potter Photography
Herwig Kienzl
Close(er) to Perfect:
The April 30th, 2009 Chelsea Gallery Art
Stephan Fowlkes

Wow!  I know it’s been a while since I’ve
updated you all on the goings-on in the
art world, and for that I apologize.  I’ve
been just sort sen to
the occasion!
Around Town Weekly...

Enter May. The month of flowers, Mothers Day, France's Cannes film festival  
and so much more..
Diaries Of A Waitress by John Sebastian

Part One:

His arms were short, his teeth were sharp, he sat there at table 1
with a crazy look in his eyes and smiled at me with a half cocked glazed
stare that made me think of movies I had seen about
murder and the occult.
Artist, photographer, Sean Turrell