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Kaliopy:  Could you tell us a little about yourself and your background?

Samantha Everton:  I am a photo artist working from Melbourne. I grew up in remote
mining towns in central Queensland (Emerald and Capella mainly), I travelled a lot as
a child, even having 4 months off school at one stage so we could travel right around
My homework for those 4 months was to write a fools cap page each day of
what we did. I then worked and travelled overseas as a hairdresser for 8 years before
moving to Melbourne in 1999 to begin a career in photography.
KALIOPY was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia.
Not formally trained, KALIOPY's natural flare in drawing has given her the
flexibility to apply brush to canvas.  After her first tri
al work "Still Silence",
she was addicted to creating further pieces, which vastly became a great
passion of hers. KALIOPY fell into visual art for the mere pleasure of self
expression; on the contrary her inspiration is derived from music, and the
enjoyment of converting lyrics and melody into a visual format, which drives
her imagination further.
Tony has been involved in the modelling and photographic industry since 1989. In this time he has
photographed and self published a wide range of calendars and posters that have gained great
respect and popularity both here in Australia and in the USA, UK and Europe.
For the past few years Tony has also developed a great passion for writing. Much of this relates to
creative sensitivity and personal empowerment. He is presently compiling a book and also has a
number of websites where he share's his views.
Born is Alice Springs in Central Australia, the 4th son of six kids, with a
politician father of Italian descent and an Irish mother, Luc was never going
to be shy and retiring
Luc's formative years found him indulging in many outdoor pursuits - one of those
being falling down Ayers Rock, whilst on a camping holiday!  After that he took to
occasionally falling off of slightly smaller things - he took up horse riding.  Luc shone at
this sport and represented the Northern Territory at the age of 14.  He continued to
compete in show jumping at a higher level over the next few years.

Kaliopy: You previously had a hand in the record company, how has business changed in the Industry as we know it today?

Diggler: You really shouldn't get me started on this… record companies should never have released CD burners to the
general public - they shot themselves in the foot by doing that… (I won't name them in an attempt to prevent this
publication from litigation).. so basically, the record companies have reigned supreme for the last 30-40 years… they were
the entertainment industry… before internet, before video games… there was only records you'd buy and take home and
enjoy with friends… and because there were no CD burners… everyone had to pay for their entertainment… NOW, the
money they're used to having has been sucked down the drain and they're on their knees now… so these days, I do all my
own distribution and manufacturing so I don't have to die my hair and meet target demographics that THEY need to cash in

Kaliopy: When did you finally decide to leave being an Architect & Interior Designer to pursue Art
full time?

Havi: One year ago I decide to become a full time artist and there are some occasions I work in
architect and design. For more than 20 years I was the complete opposite.

Kaliopy: What a Unique way of featuring your works on draft paper, how is that working for you?
Kaliopy: What influenced you to become a landscape artist?

Patricia: Basically my art is about discovery and wonder. I think it was Marcel Proust
who said: 'The true voyage of discovery is not so much in seeking new landscapes
as in having new eyes'. That pretty much defines why I express myself in this
subject. My landscapes allow me to explore the boundaries of realism.

I paint my landscapes void of humans with a focus on atmosphere.

btw. Did you know that the word landscape comes from the Dutch word 'landschap'?
Kaliopy: You seem like a hard working citizen, how where you paying your bills
before entering EDC?

Nigel: Most definitely hard working, I used to be a Roo tail farmer, they grow straight out of
the ground and they're really hard to pull, then I moved to Hollywood where I'm staying at a
travellers hostel while working in the valley spinning signs for advertisement, it’s not the best
paying job at $3 an hour but sometimes I get lucky and someone throws a soda at me.

Kaliopy: How has this instant fame shaped you since becoming an online sensation?

: Well mate, it’s really hard to keep a cool head around all this madness but in a way I
can finally share the fame I've been enjoying in my head, with the public. Not much has
changed day to day except Bill Cosby sent me a letter to put a shirt on and have some
respect for myself and I do yoga with Russel Crowe now on the weekdays.
The young artist has many facets and knows how to realize them in her own dazzling way. under
the name "jamari lior" she takes beautiful photographs (...). she describes herself  winkingly as
being "without style", because following one specific style, would be much too boring for her. one
thing, however, is clearly visible throughout all her works: they are not afraid of big gestures. in
order to create them adequately, jamari lior employes a wide variety of configurations with
gleaming colors and emotional posings.
" I have always been an expressive and creative individual at a young age, through
High school I took up Graphic Design and Writing, but didn't quite find my outlet till
some years later when I was visiting family in England, that was 7 years ago now,
and I haven't looked back since. I bought my first camera in England, it was only a 2
pixel digital camera, but I was fascinated by it and was vastly addicted to
photographing all sorts of objects and my surroundings"
Kaliopy: How did art unfold in your life?

Colour, invention, creativity and handicraft are rife in South Africa and my formative years were
filled with inspirational images.  As long as I can remember I had textas, colouring in books and reams of
paper; if I wasn’t playing with those I was making jewellery and ornaments from Fimo clay or outside was
trying to build furniture from building bricks or any other material I could get my hands on.  I thought being a
lamp designer would be a good career choice when I was about 9 and filled a book with all sorts of lamp
designs.  Later my dream was to go on and study Fine Art at university but instead I went on to study
Fashion Design for 3 years as at that time making a living purely out of being an artist seemed a distant
reality.  After a long break I finally gave up my full time job in the corporate work to study Transpersonal Art
Therapy but in the process the artist in me leapt to the fore and now I am an artist!  (That’s the long story
to your short question!)
Kaliopy: How did you find yourself evolving from the Interior design industry to the

Liz London: I worked for a commercial interior design firm as an art consultant and custom
framing professional. All of the projects at that time were more theme related and the art was
much more than just an image stuck on a wall. Everything in the room and the project itself told
a story or presented a central idea or theme. This has translated into my art as each piece has
its own story or individual deeper meaning.
I started painting with oils at 8 years old and before that I did art with crayons and water colour
and tempera paint. However, after a year of painting in oils a few days a week I started thinking
about being a Painter when I grew up. Before that I wanted to be a shoeshine man. I painted in
oil until I met my wife Shirley who has left the planet many years ago and long after our divorce.

Kaliopy: You have such a broad range of genres including male and female forms,
landscapes, animals and pets, still life objects, cafe and kitchen scenes , what would be
your most favourable style of them all?

Byron: I am  classically trained and get a lot of joy from painting anything in general, each
day is different for me so I find it impossible to go back to creating the same thing over and
over again, even when I try.
I'm also aware of the perfection to my own work, it's almost OCD in it's nature. These
patterns and lines are what I create when I'm at my most relaxed but they appear like I
concentrate to the point where my eyes might fall out. What am I trying to mix my mind with
I'm not sure, it's a journey.....if any of this makes sense please share your thoughts with
me, I love to connect!
I was born on the 25/01/1960 in Mediterranean Malta. I am now living in Australia. I try to be
critical of all that I have seen and experienced in my life. Memory collides with imagination
as I work to explore cultural themes. I reflect the true colours that I see, but also dream an
idealised world into my works. My art is eclectic – landscapes, abstract, figures, fantasy –
but my Maltese heritage is a binding element. This is particularly evident in my Maltese
Doors series which captures the vivid colours and vibrant culture of my birthplace.
Talented Design Artist
Made For The Music Industry
Tarik Mikou
The Teachers Are In trouble" is a childrens book with a twist and it will make you
roll on the floor with laughter.  So good infact, that adults are actually buying it for
themselves and don't want to share it with their own children.  Released just in
time for Christmas, making this a swell gift for children.
We also have three random poems granted by the author himself, to share with
TNYO readers.
Kaliopy: What inspires you and your

Jinx: Mostly dreams, the mysteries of
the unconscious mind or elements of
everyday emotions that are easier
painted than expressed through
I like to use symbols and metaphors
as they are present in our dreams,
disguising the wonderful and the
terrible, the fears, wishes and hopes,
puzzling the dreamer upon awaking.
Kaliopy Presents
"Karma Slice"
From: Adelaide, South Australia
Wheels & Doll Baby's History

With a reputation as the outfitters to the Stars, Wheels & Doll Baby
has evolved from its initial roots of iconic Australian flagship boutique
catering to customers seeking one of pieces, to an international cult brand
that Indulges rock luxury, decadence, and above all else; A brand that cuts
through trends world over.
We've all witnessed love scenes like these in the movies! The lead actor
runs his hand down her thigh and she withers in ecstasy. The slightest touch
or the mere presence of his lips near hers and she's in her first throws of
orgasm. If you're like me, you'll have noticed by now that it's the ladies that
take time to reach climax, and it's us guys that get there fairly easily,
sometimes too easily - hopefully not just from a strong southerly breeze!
In the 70’s I worked in human services jobs and became a street outreach
worker interacting with outlaw biker gangs, junkies, dealers,pimps (real ones),
prostitutes, and various street people. This experience in and of itself gave me a
lifetime of inspiration for artworks. Later on, I attended Lesley College in
Cambridge, Massachusetts and got a degree in psychology. I then became an
assistant director for a residential program for heroin addicts for 6 years. This
was after three years studying illustration/fine arts at Massachusetts College of
Art in Boston.
Kaliopy Presents:
Australian Actress & Musician
" Katie Underwood"