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Computer Associates European Headquarters
Ditton Park, United Kingdom
The 250,000 square foot European headquarters is a three-story transparent building,
composed of laminated and regular glass.  Within this significant historical site, it was
important that the building
Spector Group
So much has happened to Mount
Airy since those heyday 70's! It
remains a pristine location, and the
Poconos is as beautiful as ever.
June 23rd  -  29th  2010
Walt Cessna Daizy Part 1, 2, 3
Price: $15
9:30 PM - June 24
“This songstress’s soulful sound incorporates hip-hop, jazz and funk that is just as
comfortable on the dance floor as at a backyard barbecue."

Grammy-nominated recording artist Maiysha is a striking up & coming figure in
contemporary soul music. Her critically acclaimed debut album, This Much Is
True:, marked the arrival of a striking up-and-coming figure in contemporary soul
music. Her music is elegant and intelligent, hook-laden and envelope-pushing - with
a touch of old-school classic style – the kind of new sound that landed her a
remarkable 2009 Grammy nomination for her first single “Wanna Be” in the Best
Urban/Alternative Performance category.
Hit Rock Musical
Celebrates 100th Performance
Saturday, June 19 at 9:30 p.m.
Must Close Sunday, June 27!